Random Acts of "Kindness"


I love music — all kinds — and plays — especially musicals. Monday morning I was alerted to a live performance in the Loop by Broadway in Chicago which was free. The main attraction was to be a puppet, the horse from War Horse.

Monday was a beautiful day. After too many days in the 90’s, temperature was forecast to be in the low 80’s. My husband and I took advantage of the cooler weather and toured Botanical gardens. The last time I was in the Garden was May — life and the hot summer intervened.  A family of swans traveled the lagoon. One parent in front, the other at the end, with three youngsters in the middle.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise when I mention that I talk to all animals, domestic and wild, including birds, butterflies and fish. I saw a single swan resting on a rock. Every few minutes, he needed to groom himself. I wanted a more dignified picture. I have to admit that I encouraged him to pose for a picture and he did.

Wandering on, I wanted to tour two more gardens. They both showed the effects of a hot summer. A woman shared that the garden looked much better that day, a month ago it was worse. A group of people with cameras caught my attention. I wondered what they were taking pictures of. I soon learned. A red tailed hawk rested on a branch of a tree, enjoying a snack. Did I talk to the hawk? Silly question, of course I did.

That evening, I journeyed downtown for the music. I was amazed at the realism of the horse puppet. Not only did it sound like a real horse, it moved like one. The music was good too.

That was going to be the end of this ramble. Until Friday. In the country, my husband and I wandered to a distant town for breakfast. We made it in time for the breakfast specials, biscuits and gravy for my husband. I don’t really like breakfast food. I chose a catfish fillet sandwich with clam chowder. I think I’ve mentioned that I’m sodium restricted. I knew that my choices were not the best, but thought the cooler temperature might let me fudge a bit. I only ate half of the clam chowder, then asked that it be removed.

My Floridian daughter phoned while I was waiting for my sandwich. When we were in Florida, she helped me watch my sodium intake. When I mentioned my food choice, she remarked that the breading had a lot of salt.  She was right. I had to remove at least half of the crunch. I mentioned her phone call to our waitress,
She said I must be on my daughter’s radar screen.


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