Random Acts of "Kindness"


So, how do I begin? Good question, no answer. I know I have written about roses before. I have written about the many times that roses have appeared in my life. I’m remembering  the unexplained rose, not the gift that comes in a bouquet from my husband or the beautiful flowers growing in gardens during the summer. Rather, I’m thinking about the unexplained rose —  the fragrance of a rose garden at Queen of Heaven cemetery in 1991.The scent announced the presence of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The rose that appeared on our mailbox in June the year my father passed. I thought it was a fresh rose, picked from a neighbors bush, — nope — a silk rose. Anonymous gift. Then, the white rose that I received at the Renaissance Faire  from Sir Walter Raleigh the week before my husband’s second cancer surgery.

This year, Mother’s Day week shopping in Dixon, Il., I discovered a beautiful long dress on sale that reminded me of a rose. Even though it was a purchase, I’m counting it among the roses. A) There were no other dresses like it. B) It FIT!

A new rose has just been added to the list. Our grandchildren came from Florida for a visit. Many of our family gathered on a hot Saturday at the Renaissance Faire to celebrate its 25th anniversary.  Rain was predicted, as well as hot temperatures but we only had one day available. Another hot, 95 degree day this summer. The Floridians were used to this heat, in fact, they thought it wasn’t hot at all. We thought they were nuts. But I digress.

Clouds gathered, a short misting decreased the temperature and the sun came out again. Thankfully we didn’t have a STORM which has occurred too often this summer.

I heard music, heralding the procession of the queen and her court. The sound called me.  As I stood there, a gentlemen dressed in all his finery, handed me five pink roses. And was quickly gone.

What a lovely surprise! I was reminded of the pink earrings that fell a couple of weeks ago, pink — the color of love. THANK YOU!


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