Random Acts of "Kindness"


Do you think all gifts come in boxes or are wrapped with beautiful paper and tied with a bow?

Once upon a time, I might have thought that was how gifts were given. I have since learned that those types of gifts are only a very small part of the presents we receive. I have already mentioned the trouble I had printing a chapter from To Pap, With Love. I thought the problem was in the description of the party, it took a long time before I learned that we had received a present — the storm clouds moved on and we had a beautiful day.

Our grandchildren are visiting from Florida. Temperature in the city was forecast to reach 100 degrees — not the time to visit the zoo — air conditioned space was preferred. I have a senior membership at the Field Museum, but that would allow only two adults to enter. We received a gift that day, we had tickets available for Genghis Khan which enabled both of our grandchildren to enter. Our grandson had read about his life and was very interested in seeing the exhibit.

This is not the first time that our membership : aquarium, museum or zoo, has allowed our grandchildren to enter at no additional cost to us. I always say “Thank You!”

Talking about museums, my grandchildren mentioned they would like to visit the Museum of Science and Industry. I DON’T HAVE a membership there. I remembered that the Library has passes available for the various museums. Each time I have tried to borrow one, none has been available. That didn’t stop me from phoning. I learned one was on hand, the Librarian suggested I run over. Temperature at 105, no — running was not an option. I planned to walk until I saw a darkened sky. A short rain shower cooled the temperature for a few minutes. “THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!”

We DO NOT have central air conditioning in our house. It is over a hundred years old and would require too much money to have it installed. We have gradually added a couple of window units, one per floor, to keep the temperature liveable.

Fourth of July, temperature 101, 105 forecast for Thursday. A transformer on our block quit working at 7:00 PM. At 5:30 AM I heard a hum in one of our bedrooms, electric was back on. I said “THANK YOU”!

I was worried about our remaining pug — Lexie is fourteen, deaf and partially blind. The two footed occupants of our house could go to a store, the museum or the mall.  What would we do for Lexie? She would not be able to handle the heat. Thankfully the electric was back on.

Often something happens which alerts us to a bigger problem. Water on the floor, unexplained noise in the car — little things that point to a possible problem if we are alert. Even though they are inconveniences, slivers or blisters at the time, they have saved us from damage. Last year, our car needed ball joints that was discovered during a  routine checkup before a trip. Recently the car needed stabilizer links.  Noise brought the problem to our attention.

Last but not least lets not forget the many people: friends, neighbors, doctors, mechanics, store clerks and complete strangers that are often there when we need them.

Just some of the gifts that are given to us on a regular basis.  Do you notice? Do you say “Thanks!”


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