Random Acts of "Kindness"

Is that a photo of a toilet seat? Why? Yes it is, and I have included it because one very similar, fell off the top rack in a big box store and hit me on the head. No, I’m not kidding! I had a beautiful goose egg on my forehead for over a month and my eyes were very colorful — color changed daily.

It has taken many years but I have finally acknowledged that I walk to a different drummer. No, I’m not psychic, nor do I have communication with my intuition or guiding spirits. When I attend a guided meditation, I sit there with closed eyes and everyone else wanders to a lovely place, while I remain sitting there. A friend referred to me as chopped liver. I have been told that I have talents that I’m not using. And that may be true, but I haven’t developed them yet. Every once in a while I’m gifted with a prophetic dream or third eye vision. They are few and far between but I try to pay attention.

I’m aware that I have friends in high places that “help me” on a daily basis. Sometimes I’m aware of their help, many times they operate in the background without my knowledge.

Twice a year, I enjoy going to the Mind, Body, Spirit Expo. And that is where this story actually begins. Bluehawk Stec, who is very gifted at channeling the Ascended Masters, conducted a workshop. We were invited to ask questions of the Hawaiian Master. I decided to pass, I didn’t want to hear the answer. That was Sunday.

Monday, a beautiful summer day, I drove around town doing errands. I was very happy, moving right along, only a few more stops to make when I stopped to buy a new toilet seat. The toilet seat on the shelf above, fell down and hit me above my eye. (I had not jostled it or in any way disturbed it.) Immediately I went to customer service and asked if they had any ice. NO! My head was already swelling, they wanted to call an ambulance. I didn’t have a headache nor was I dizzy. I decided to go to the grocery store across the street. I promised I would return if I felt dizzy.

At the grocery store, I bought a frozen bag of peas and attached it to my head with a bandana. Then I went to the warehouse store. Since I’m a regular visitor, many enjoyed the spectacle that was me, walking around with peas on my head. Of course, I told them all my story. One asked what I was sitting on the pot about.

Of course, I have had experience being hit on the head by many things. Nothing as serious as the toilet seat.  I wondered if it was “my friends.” I wouldn’t put it passed them.

This year I asked the question at the Mind, Body, Spirit Expo and received the answer I knew I would get. “Yes, you know you  need to write another book!”

I solemnly promised family and friends that if I’m ever serious injured again, I will not refuse assistance.


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