Random Acts of "Kindness"

Just because I have friends in high places doesn’t mean that my life is easy. If I listened — but many years ago I must have stopped, because they don’t speak to me — life might be easier. As it is I muddle through, looking for hints, and guidance from various means. When an important message is trying to get through, it is repeated many times until I understand. It helps if I verbally say thank you or in some form acknowledge that I understand. Sometimes I even get physically hit on the head by cascading stuff from the freezer, or tree branches, or doors or car trunks. The ultimate was a toilet seat but that is a future story.

As I sit writing this thought ramble, I know that “someone is helping.” The font has already changed sizes. Computers were not a household item when my father was alive. A printer by trade, he complied a list for solving puzzles using a typewriter. I’ve heard that my mother was a court stenographer. I have not inherited that talent. If I had to write a book on a typewriter, it would NEVER have made it into print. First off, I flunked typing, second, my typing is atrocious. I might get ten words a minute with five errors.  I have to look at the keys.  (Laugh with me, that sentence was just italicized but I fixed it.)

Each chapter in both books went through many rewrites.  Believe me when I say that manually on a typewriter it NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED!

While I learned to write our story on the computer, THEY HELPED!! It might be a change in font, or the computer would freeze or everything I wrote might just be deleted. After a while I learned that sometimes, what I was thinking was not part of the story. Sometimes a different message was trying to get through. I can’t tell you how many times I rewrote a story about a first communion party at my second daughter’s house for To Pap, With Love.  I think it was the fourth chapter, it was a cute story and I WANTED TO KEEP IT! Each time I printed that chapter the printer stopped at the party. When I FINALLY RECEIVED AND ACKNOWLEDGED the MESSAGE the chapter printed with no problem.

What was the message you might ask? We received a present that day–  a beautiful day.

With their “help” I got sidetracked.  Back to my original thought.

Recently I read a question in one of the magazines or books that cross my path.  It asked the reader to list 10 people that where important in their life. I wrote out my list. Then a few pages forward, it asked where on the list I was. Would you believe, I wasn’t on there at all.

I wish I could say that after that bit of enlightenment I’m now on my list. NOPE! But I’m trying. I’m sodium restricted which has made a HUGE change in my diet. If I have too much sodium, my ankles swell and walking becomes painful. A job from hell (more about that later) caused circulation problems. I’m not diabetic, nor do I think I have heart problems but I get sores on one of my legs that don’t want to heal. I’m overweight — try as I might — my fat loves me. Therefore, I have to remember when I’m in the store, to  buy foods that I can eat too. I’m sure it will come as no surprise when I say that most of the food I can eat, my husband prefers not to.  Most of what he likes, I can’t eat.

I’m trying to be on my list, are you on yours?


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