Random Acts of "Kindness"

It started off as a normal day. I opened Queen Of Angels to Cure For Inconveniences and I laughed. Each morning I open both the Bible and Queen of Angels randomly and read the chapter for the day. When I read the meditation “If I am a true believer, I accept my path in this life. …. Each inconvenience is an opportunity to trust God’s divine Love and Providence in my life,” I laughed again.

I won’t bore you with the details of why this particular chapter was so appropriate except to list two examples. Flying home from Florida on Tuesday,  we learned our departing flight was delayed, causing us to miss our connection. New travel plans meant leaving at 2:00PM  for the airport instead of five.    (Oh, you’re not packed!) Luggage in an open bed of a truck, the sky opened up and our luggage got a bath.

On the home front, Tidbit, our pug had developed diabetes. The disease caused a pressure in her left eye. The vet suggested the eye be removed. The operation was Tuesday. Our son picked us up at the airport with a recovering pug that was now blind and could not be left alone.

I thought my Floridian daughter would appreciate the meditation. She did and asked that I email it to her. As I typed the message, I heard a faint tinkling of something. Investigating I found two tiny pink earrings laying on the buffet behind me. Pink is the color of LOVE!

An hour later, our phone rang. “This is a voice from your past,” my cousin Bob said. I had not talked to him in a few months, he is dealing with challenging health issues. Last July, he had a knee replaced.  A month later it developed an infection — four operations later he is still dealing with the problem. He credits his mother for his optimism and attitude. She was always positive, “We Can DO IT!” He is always positive, we can do it.

In March, he thought he would get a new knee but the doctor discovered another infection, so he is still wearing a pick line and waiting for the infection to go away.  Therefore, he is not able to be very active. While watching the History channel on a story about egg candeling, he remembered when he lived at 1900 N. Keeler. A man in the garage behind the building candeled eggs for a business. Bob shared the story with his wife that night.

The next morning, on his bedside table, he found a Juvenile Library card from 1957, issued in his name with the address of 1900 N. Keeler. He has no idea where it came from. It wasn’t a momento that he kept for years. The card wasn’t torn or damaged, just a little wrinkled around the edges.


He shared the story with me because he knew I would understand. And he is correct, I do!


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