Random Acts of "Kindness"

Good friends

Just a little “help from my friends.” I was searching for a photo of roses to include in a thought ramble. This was the first photo on the disk and the ONLY one that was not taken at the Botanic Garden. I don’t think Mabel was too happy to be a pillow.

Last year we had to send a good friend home. Both my husband and I, along with friends, miss Mabel. She had overcome challenges — breast cancer and other difficulties, but the combination of old age, arthritis and difficulty breathing coupled with a week of 90 degree temperatures was too much for her system to handle. Sue and her husband  treated her to a picnic in the park before taking her to the vets. My mind told me it was for the best. My heart didn’t agree! I knew she was on the other side with friends. Years ago I was given a gift when Shanae, our yellow lab passed. She suffered from Alzheimer’s and other issues. When screaming in the middle of the night resulted in a trip to the emergency vet and a trip home,  I saw her spirit run through the house.

l had a hard time with Mabel’s passing — until a neighbor — a doctor by profession, who knew the trouble Mabel had breathing, remarked that she could have had a heart attack when I was walking her. What would I have done? How bad would I have felt?

Memorial day is for all who have passed — our brave service personal and all who are close to our hearts.

Tidbit — now she has her own issues. Diabetes is not only for two footed people.


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