Random Acts of "Kindness"

I Give Up

I’m guessing that “My friends in high places” have  known about blogs for a long time. I’ve had the feeling for a while that they thought I should write one. I didn’t agree. I won’t bore you with the reasons.

When “my friends” have a project in mind that I’m not aware of, the topic surfaces often. I might read about it in a magazine or newspaper. I might hear something on the television or radio. I might hear it passing on the street. It might surface in a conversation.

BLOGS:  The beginning — Julia and Julia, the book and movie,  a blog of cooking with Julia Child not only led to a book but also a movie was the first hint. More recently — Sisters on a television program who were invited to speak at a gathering from someone  who had read their blog. Holy Week in April — in a magazine, Weight Watchers CEO wrote a blog for three years. Recently heard on Television, Judge Judy who didn’t bother with a computer but recently started an interactive site because she wanted to be part of this world. My youngest daughter, who is writing a children’s story on the Chicago Fire, started a blog. Reason – help with writing and publishing. I knew I was losing the battle when on I was downtown on a Tuesday and stopped at St. Peter’s because I knew they were doing a Novena to St. Anthony, known for his speaking ability. When I was writing To Pap, With Love, I happened to be downtown on Tuesday’s for nine weeks in a row. Confused, I knew he was instrumental in finding lost objects but I hadn’t lost anything. I learned the reason for my Tuesday’s downtown when I read that many years after his passing, St. Anthony’s tongue was still pink. Yesterday, the final straw,  another person on TV, publishing a cookbook after writing a blog.

I don’t know where this blog will lead me, but I  have begun.


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